Hand Made

From the chair frame to the preparation of fabric to the wood carvings from mahogany wood, this is a handmade chair. No detail is spared, as we put together this chair for you. It’s sturdy and refined craftsmanship will ensure that for years to come, you will have a chair you can enjoy.

Solid Wood

This chair is solid Mahogany wood. In a natural state, mahogany wood bears a reddish brown color; when the wood is cut it has a subtle cinnamon smell. The Mahogany wood makes it a perfect vessel for constructing very well-made chairs for many years of enjoyment.

Ready to Enjoy

When the chair is unwrapped from its protective covering, the chair will be fully assembled ready to place and position as you wish. It’s a single piece of furniture which means no assembly required! This is a ready-to-enjoy elegant piece of furniture for your home.


Master carpenters, work like sculptors, carving the Mahogany wood by hand to edge shapes into the wood. Beautiful shapes like scrolls, swirls, roses, and flowers come to life in the hands of expert carpenters. The artistry in your furniture has a timeless elegance.